Bored in Bradenton


Dear Girlfriend, 

I have been married 5 years to a very hardworking man and I would like to stay married.  We don’t have any children together or any children living at home with us. None the less I spent another boring New Years Eve watching the ball drop and watching him sleep on the couch. We were not invited to any parties and he did not want to do anything anyway.  Christmas  was just as boring. I saw your pictures on FB living it up.How do you do it?  How do I do it? Is  it my responsibility to come up with all the social plans for us? 

Borerd in Bradenton

Dear Bored in Bradenton,

  If you want a fun and interesting marriage, the answer is “Yes, you do have to come up with the social plans.”   My husband  makes the living and I make it worth living. My husband rarely comes up with anything for us to do and I am cool with that.  In our younger days, when someone would call, he would be ready to roll and I would be left home with the kids with no baby sitter. I learned then, I was responsible for my own happiness and I must keep some friends for a happy complete life. However, friendships are reciprocal.  To have a friend you must be a friend. As far as getting invited to private parties, if you never invite anyone anywhere why would you expect to be on their guest list. However when you do get invited, you need to show up with a smile and not empty handed and maybe you will get invited again. So maybe you need to be doing the inviting or hosting at your home.  

Since affording baby sitters are not your concern, I suggest you look in the paper or listen to the radio station and find out what’s going on, purchase your tickets and show up with a fun positive spirit. 

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