Going To Be Alone New Years Eve


Dear Girlfriend TBTDear Girlfriend,

I have been married two years now and things appear to be going pretty well. However, my husband came home yesterday and said  he wanted to go home to South Carolina for New Years Eve.  Well, I can’t go home because I work at the hospital and that’s my weekend on. My husband has the whole week off and is planning to leave on Friday the 28th.  His best friend, who was our best man, is having a New Years Eve party in his new 5 bedroom house.   I am so surprised that my husband does not see the relevance of bringing in the New Year with me. Should I be hurt? Should I be angry? Should I just pretend not to care?  Should I raise holy hell? I don’t know what to do and I am not sure how to take it.  I mentioned it at work and my co-worker said this is a letter for girlfriend, so here we are waiting on your response. I am sure there are other couples who may be dealing with spending their New Years apart. Tell me how to handle it.

Going to be alone for New Years Eve. 


Dear Going To Be Alone New Years Eve,

 I guess the way you brought in the New Year in the past was not too exciting and he is choosing to step it up a bit this year.  As married couples, we all have been guilty of taking each other for granted or boring the other to death.  Then, we get a little intimidated when they opt to do something fun that does not include us. This should be a wake up call to step up your game. 

  First of all, he is grown, just like you. He married you for companionship, not ownership. If his best friend is having a party and he wants to go, that should be all right with you, as long as the invitation was extended to the both of you.  Now if you can’t go, that does not mean that he can’t go. Your relationship should be based on love and trust. If he has been a good and faithful husband then that’s how you treat him. He is with you because he loves you and chose to be, not because he has to be. Couples often divorce because one wants to control the others every move. 

   Should you act is if you do not care?  Hell no!! Don’t play fake games with your man. Be real!! Always tell how you feel, even if the feelings are unsubstantiated, they are still your feelings and need to be discussed. He may change his mind or he may stay steadfast with his plans, but that’s his prerogative.  It’s good to see what people will do, when they have choices. That way, you know what to do when the shoe is on the other foot. Tell him you wanted to spend New Years Eve with him and you are a bit hurt that he doesn’t plan on spending it with you. Tell him you are a big girl and you have made some new friends and you will figure out what to do with yourself while he is gone. What ever you do, don’t plan to stay home all night alone. If you do, he will be very comfortable with leaving you all the time. Make sure you start shopping for a New Years Eve outfit and be sure he gets to see every little sexy thing you find.    

   Let’s not get stuck on stupid, if he does go, it doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Let him recognize that your life doesn’t stop because he’s not there. I suggest you be the good wife and go to church to pray for you and your husband’s strength, faithfulness and safe return. Then, after church you keep right on rolling to someone’s celebration.  Look very cute and be sure to take pictures of all the beautiful people there and share on facebook.

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