Married With Bills

Married With Bills

Dear Girlfriend,

  In the old days, my husband was known for being a big spender, a hustler and a ladies man. However, those days are over.  He still dresses very nicely, has very fine jewelry and is well respected in our community for all the shows and promotions he did.  He works very hard for his money and I work hard for mine.  We have been married for 11 years and have three children and if the truth be told, my husband has another daughter he pays child support to. We do well with our finances because we try not to be wasteful. Our money goes toward our home, children and our well planned date nights. 

 Well the other weekend, a good friend had an event and we went. We saw a lot of old associates and were having a great time. Then one of my former close friends came over and spoke to us and sat down next to me.  My husband got up going to get us a drink. She jumped up turn directly to my husband and said in a flirtacious way as if I wasn’t there, “I know you are going to buy me a drink.”  I felt very disrespected.  I feel if she needed or wanted something she should have conveyed that to me...she was talking to me. What make these single women think other folk husbands are there to take care of them.  I was not trying to emasculate my husband so I didn’t say anything but I was mad as hell. Furthermore, any man she ever had, never bought me a dog gone thing. My husband and I argued about how he should have handled it and he said I should have said something, she was my friend. These single women need to learn to respect folks’ husbands. They wonder why they get left off the guest list of married couples affairs but their desperate asses are often so disrespectful.  How would you have handled that? 

Married With Bills


Dear Married With Bills,

  I would have laughed and popped back with “Excuse me, why should MY husband be buying your drinks. We ain’t swingers and we ain’t swapping.  My husband will not be paying for any other woman here but me!” This way, there are no misconceptions about who your man is catering to. You may have shocked her, but oh well...she would not be as quick to let that fly out of her mouth again. Some of these chicks are crazy, if a man buys them a drink or give them a little  attention, they will jump to the wrong conclusion.  So nip that in the bud when you see it and when you hear it.  Don’t start any mess and it won’t be any mess. 

    Don’t be angry and don’t take it personal. Some women have been gold digging all their lives, never been married and just don’t know any better. As a wife of 38 years, I have concluded that we, as married women need to have some standard come backs for disrespectful women to cover ourselves, just as you should have some scriptures to cover you in trying times. One of my standard responses for women crossing the line  a little too far is  “Hold up honey that’s my man.” I suggest you practice that line so it becomes an automatic response. Practice makes perfect. Say it ladies, “Hold up honey, that’s my man.”  Always remember it’s not what you say, but how you say it. So laugh and say it with a smile.  “Hold up honey that’s my man.”

Don’t let anyone mess up your date nights. Discuss it in the car but don’t take that mess home. I thank you for your letter. I’m sure it will bless a lot of couples. Be at peace and hopefully you will join us for a great date night! See you at the Power Couples Ball.   Hey!!!

Tampa Bay Tammy

Radio and TV Personality Tampa Bay Tammy, Advice Columnist Dear Girlfriend. COO of N-Touch News. Studied Sociology at University of South Florida Studied Elementary Education at University of Memphis
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