I can recall at least once and maybe even more than that time, making some kind of disparaging remark about John McCain. Charge it to my head but not my heart. No doubt my displeasure with him was largely to do with his membership in the Republican Party, the party most of us have come to loathe since the Eisenhower administration in the fifties. But truth be told, he was among the more centrist members from that caucus with regard to governance and fairness overall. And good for him. And not just because he responded as he did to that crazed supporter at a rally back in ’08, when correcting her about Barack Obama as a decent family man and good American with whom he just happened to have fundamental differences in policy and government; but more for his willingness to stick his neck out politically, and his head into the fray to speak his mind on issues without respect to party affiliation time and time again. He was indeed the Maverick his reputation had always billed him to be. Tall dark stranger, he wasn’t. Smooth as a handle on a gun… Nope. He was short and a little uneven, and because of injuries suffered from his capture and time as a prisoner of war, somewhat disfigured. But as champion for so many of the right things that to this day give America hope, he was a GIANT. And we will miss him… they will miss him… the nation will miss him. And in recalling his life and its effect on mine, I am reminded of- “An Old Friend”, a poem by early twentieth century poet Edwin Arlington Robinson.


Strange I did know him then

That friend of mine 

I did not even show him then

One friendly sign


But cursed him for the ways he had

To make me see

My envy for the praise he had

For praising me.


I could have rid the earth of him

Once in my pride

I never knew the worth of him

Until he died

Andre' Jackson

Andre Jackson has been writing as a columnist for N-TOUCH News for the past 15 years. He is a retired Station Manager from Federal Express in Houston TX.
Category: Enlightenment

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